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Creating Content for Google’s Mobile-First Index

Now that Google is prioritizing the mobile version of websites for indexing, meaning your Google search results rankings will be a reflection of your site's mobile experience, you need to make your content just as accessible on devices as it is on desktop. Continue Reading »
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7 Ways to Boost Sales on Your eCommerce Website

So, you've gone through all of the trouble of setting up an ecommerce store: You've picked out a solid eCommerce platform (although if you haven't yet, check out Eden's guide to choosing the best one), you know your audience well, and you've organized all of your products and services neatly…
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Is Your Ecommerce Business on Shopify Yet?

We're a little biased, but Shopify's 2004 launch was the biggest event of the year (we weren't sad to see the end of Friends, and Janet Jackson's Super Bowl performance is but a distant mammary).Continue Reading »
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