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How to Leverage Gated Content to Generate Leads

For as long as we can remember, Eden Advertising has made it one of its top priorities to help clients with lead generation. In doing so, we've picked up a number of tips, tricks, and tools along the way. Especially when working with B2B clients (although B2C companies can benefit…
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5 SEO Trends You Need to Know About in 2021

As the clock strikes midnight this New Year's Eve and we cross over into 2021 (when did that happen, by the way?), we're seeing changes on the horizon in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A constantly evolving area of digital marketing, there is always something new to explore…
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Google Page Experience: An Important New SEO Update

For once, Google is forewarning us about coming changes to their top-secret Google algorithm. According to digital marketing genius, Neil Patel, by 2021, the User Experience of an individual page will have more impact on your SEO than that of your overall website.  What is "Page Experience?" According to Google…
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Why You Should Consider Top-of-Funnel PPC Campaigns

The traditional marketing funnel is comprised of five stages: Awareness, Consideration, Preference, Purchase, and Post-Purchase. If you ask most marketers, they'll probably agree that some digital marketing channels are more effective at certain parts of the funnel than others. Social media is extremely valuable for Awareness, for example, while content…
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The Latest Google Update and How it Will Affect SEO & Content

Google is switching things up again, and this time it's major! Deemed the "most important update in five years," the latest Google update, BERT, is making waves across the SEO industry. This particular set of changes to the algorithm will have a massive impact on existing search queries (1 in…
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Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 You Aren’t Ready For

It's been one heck of a decade for us digital marketers. Since 2010, we've seen radical changes in the industry: SEOs have had to adapt to 74 Google algorithm updates; we've seen a shift in how users search and shop online; there's been more focus on marketing analytics research; and…
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